So from the tittle you can tell this is a post about WW (Weight Watchers ) after years of hearing about the program. I decide to finally giving it a try, one big reason being that they have now an app version that has different reasonable price that fit me and my needs.

With everything going on in the world I was looking for a program that was easier and not too restrictive because honestly who has time for that. My goal with Joining WW is to have a better track of what I am eating. I found myself these last couple of months treating myself a little to much. Anyone else ? 

So far with weight watchers I have been assigned as the green category, they have different programs you can be assigned to and they give you a certain amount of points tailored to what you. I have so far found it super easy to keep track of what I eat since most things are easy to scan or look up.

This app has it made it easy for me to try and keep a better eye on what I eat. My plan is to do WW with my Peloton workouts and see how I conquer 2021. Keep an eye out for my next post it will be an update of the WW journey and also a post on my Peloton. If you do WW I love to know some tips or tricks you might have.

* Let me if you want a discount code for Peloton