Living in the bay area we have many options for day trips but with the pandemic the option of finding somewhere you feel safe and not over crowed is very important for me. Finding out that Yosemite was limiting the number of people in the park and only allowing reservation until the end of the month moved it up my list and made it my destination last weekend. Reservations open up one day before the new week starts, aka Friday. They have different pass open but the best to get is the seven days one. 

With it being 3 hrs and a 16-minute drive from my home we deiced to start the day early on Saturday to enjoy as much time in the park as possible especially since our main focus was hiking. It was a simple and easy drive leaving early is recommended especially with the lines to get in the part. But once you are in you have so many options of where to go. 

I so recommended you come up with your plan before you enter the park because once inside your phone service will not be the best. I also recommend making sure you bring your snacks, lunch, and water to make it a more enjoyable trip. especially after a long hike, or enjoying your lunch in one of the breathtaking views. 

Overall Yosemite is the perfect spot to visit. there is ample room to keep social distance and most people wear their mask or make sure to put them on when they are near other and are mandatory in certain areas. If you do want to rent an Airbnb or stay in a hotel do keep in mind most are an hour or two away from the park, there are a couple of options in the park but book up fast.  We stayed in a mammoth lake that is a nice ski and trail town but with the pandemic it's not as busy and a good close option. If you have any question please let me know or suggestions for my future trip comment down below