*Big thank you to Myprotein's for sending there product to be reviewed on my blog all opinions are my own. 

How many times have you bought a protein bar thinking this is going to be so good, only to find it to tasteless and dry. With my recent inspiration to get healthy I had  been on a quest to find great tasting protein bars. but sadly that journey has come with a couple of regrets. So when  I found out about Myprotein's New Layered Bar cookies N Cream bar  I could not wait to test it out and actually see if it lived up to its slogan  of a layered treat without a cheat. 

The protein bar is 20g protine and 4g sugar and 220 calories for one serving. According to the packaging it is a layers protein bar cookies and cream natural and artificial flavors.
When you first opening the bar its cover in white chocolate and as you cut into the middle it is divide in three layered. the white cream filling followed by the chocolate and the cookie.   
(want to test them click here)

The one thing that stood out to me for the first bite is that there is no dry after taste which I hate from other protein bars. To my surprise this bar actually tasted like a candy bar more then a dry protein bar I think the layering helps them achieve the great taste and the crunch it has makes it taste like a cookie and cremes bar.

I can deffnitly see myself reaching for this as a treat before and after a workout but I can also see it as treat for snack or on those days you been crushing it.  I recommended you guys deffnitly try it out if you are looking for a good protein bar that gives you protein and an actual treat with no cheating. You can check out Myprotein's New Layered Bar on there website on top of different flavors they carry. 

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