I finally gave in and got the Peloton bike. As many of you who follow me on social media know, I have been on the Peloton app for over three years. Doing the on demand workouts on a stationary bike that I set up perfectly to be able to do peloton class  without the price, but after years of doing that I took the second wave of closures in California as my time to treat myself and I don't regret it. 

If you are interested in the bike I do have a code for $100 off accessory's like your cycling shoes here is my code : H3N6CC
Living in the Bay Area the processes was super easy to order the bike. I went with the original not the plus, since I have my home gym set up able to play the app through my fire tv and the difference for the bike plus was not worth it. I was ready to wait the six weeks for it to arrive but I lucked out and it would just be 4 weeks according to the delivery date the had for my area and would arrive before Christmas. The next day I called there help center, due to a simple question about delivery and the guy was super nice and offered to see if there was and earlier delivery, and guys there was! He was able to get it delivered earlier. From what I seen on peloton groups, its always good to give them a call and see  if there is a possibly of a different delivery date. You never know there might be an opening or cancelation.

The day of the delivery I was scheduled towards the end of the day from two to five pm, and it was a third party delivery but they focus on just delivering the pelotons only no other items In the truck. They actually called me around 12 asking if they could do an early delivery and I said yes. The wore there mask and brought it all the way into my house and were patient with me forgetting my Wi-Fi info. 

What I learned right away is that 1. Yes the screen is bigger then I originally thought 2.Setting up the bike takes time and you need to make sure to do it right because you will fit discomfort when riding.
 3.Clipping out is way harder then clipping in but gets better with time. 

The first ride I did was 30 min Hamilton ride with Robin and in that moment I knew I made the right choice treating myself to the bike. 

I have officially had the bike for over five weeks and not missed a day! I do a mix of riding and strength classes. That  is the cool part, Peloton is not just a bike it has other workout options like Barr, Strength, yoga and Pilates ( I would have never thought of taking before).

Working from home and having the option to take a break and ride, has truly helped during these crazy times and one of the biggest plus of my purchase. I also have the option to take live rides and push myself just like being at the gym or spin studio without leaving my home and that is a great thing for my family.

If you are interested in the bike I do have a code for $100 off accessory's like your cycling shoes here is my code : H3N6CC

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