As some of you know in the last couple of years my siblings and I have fallen in love with Yosemite. 2020 gave us the opportunity to explore it more and this year 2021 we decided to invest in .. pass to visit any time and any national park and we have definitely used it. With my brother moving across the country to Spain we decide to do a family trip and bring our parents with us. My mom is not a hiker she can walk on the treadmill for hours, but add some inclined and she is done. So we plan this Yosemite hiking tripe tailored for non hikers and It was very refreshing and just what we all needed. If your a first timer going to Yosemite or just not the best hiker then I have couple option you would truly enjoy. 

1. Tunnel View

This is a view point you can drive up to and find parking. this view point is one of the best to see  El Capitan, Half Dome and Bridalveil Fall. Unfortunately these last couple of times the smoke has been in the way but a great starting point to see the park from. 

2. Taft Point

The actual hike we did is Taft Point its 2.2 round trip but leads to a beautiful view  wide views of Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Falls and El Capitan. The main attraction of Taft Point is the giant fissures in the mile-high granite rock. This was the perfect hike for non hikers my parents were able to complete with no difficulty. there is a slight incline on the way back once seeing the view. Do be on the look out to make sure Glacier point road is open, they do close it certain time's of  the year so check Yosemite website. 

3. Yosemite Village & Lower Yosemite fall trails.

Perfect for non hikers you are surrounded by the valley and can stop to get food at the village and gift shop. Also close by is the lower Yosemite Fall trail that can take you to the view point of the falls for a flat small hike with an amazing view. This is also a great spot to stop for the bathroom and take a seat to enjoy a lunch or rest they have tables.

4. El Cap View point.

One of the best things to do before you leave or driving through the park is go see El cap. El Capitan Meadow provides a view straight up and there usually is a lot of parking on the side. Located along one-way Northside Drive, it is best to stop here on your way out of Yosemite Valley. You can look up Yosemite Valley from alongside the Merced River at Valley View. This a great spot to take in the amazing view and honestly no hiking involved.