Happy New Year! 

I wanted to share with you Items my friends and I love, That we call Items "That Girl's" have.

 If you don't know what That Girl means it's a TikTok reference but here is the definition according to the internet, "an easy way to level up your life — a snapshot of what it'd look like if you committed to a morning routine, ate healthy, and had a skin care routine." 

Here are some items that make it easy to become That Girl, because who are we lying too we all at least have one of those down as our new year goals. I included like from high end(original) to affordable (Dupes) of the items I am mentioning. 

* Affiliate links are used. 

1.Arm Wrist Weights.

I think they are a must have! You can easily use them for easy quick walks, to an intense hikes, or if your doing 12-3-30. Its also handy to have around if your doing Pilates, dance cardio or starting out in your workout routine for 2022. I have be enjoying them for light workout classes on Peloton.  


Dupes (Just as cute)

2.Initial Necklaces. 

This is one "That Girl"  item I never thought I be into, but it has become an outfit staple. Initial necklace could be worn with any outfit and make you look put together. Even if you got out of your bed. The best part is you can personalize this to your personal style from minimal, funky, preppy. I been loving a gold one 

 My Go To Initial Necklace 


3. Athleisure sets 

Sets in my opinion are a must have for everyone! They just make you look so well put together and on top of your stuff. You can get the original inspiration Set Active or find dupes on amazon. Here are some of my favorite: 

Set Active ($10 Off $75)

Set Active Dupe *Still looking for the prefect dupe, but this one is close

4. Lip Masks

Anyone else addicted to them ? I use them all day and have become a big part of my skincare routine. These are my two must have, and I know "That Girls" have in  every TikTok Video. 

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask 

5.Water Bottles.

Hydration is key in "That Girl " aesthetic! One of the major reasons I am here for this trend. I have always been someone who loves to carry water bottles  around and thanks to the trend there are so many aesthetic affordable bottles out there right now. 

Tracking Water Bottle

Simple Modern Water Bottle

These are my top five but there are many more items. let me know if I should do more blog post like this.