This post is one of the most requested on social media and on the blog. My top favorite Peloton rides! After having my bike for over eight months, I have done some certain rides more than once. Since I truly enjoyed them or they are the ones I go back to when there might be nothing on demand that stands out for me. Or if a live class is just something I am not feeling for the day. 

  1. 30 min Hamilton Ride with Robin Arzon:  This is one of my all time favorite go to rides. Even if you don't like musicals, I'm pretty sure you will enjoy this one. If you're a fan of the musical Hamilton you can also take the original Hamilton rides buried all the way in the archives. Called 30 min Broadway ride with Robin and it's also all Hamilton (extra songs that might be missing from this ride ) it Premiered back in 2016.

  1. Any Emo Pop Ride: Kendall started the Emo Pop rides and I love them all so far but, my favorite is actually not from Kendall its from Bradley Rose its 20 minutes Pop Punk ride, I personally just love the music he selected and where it was placed during the ride. 

  1. Cody's 30 min Britney Spears Ride: This ride is just Iconic ! If you love Britney and Cody its a no brainer. Definitely one I go back to when I need motivation. It's also a favorite amongst the community.  

  1. Robin 30 min Greatest Showman Ride: If you love the movie this ride is everything and more. It's an older ride but definitely worth it for all the feels. I personally love to do this ride during the holidays before or after watching the movie. 

  1. Ally Love 30 min Post Malone ride: Peloton Has so many good artist rides but this Post Malone ride is one of my all time favorites. From the music selection (all of his top hits from the start to now)  to learning so much about the artist. It's definitely a class that pushes you to reach those goals.

There you go my top five favorite rides that I personally go back to. Because one I love music. Second the energy and third the intensity and motivation I get to push myself. My goal is to try and do a post like this every month, so in case you need a suggestion on what ride to take I'll have a list for you. 

Don't forget if you don't have a Peloton you can always use the on demand app and ride with your own straightener bike or at the gym. If you are in the market of making a purchase I do have a code for $100 off accessory's like your cycling shoes here is my code: H3N6CC