With spring here, I wanted to share some of my favorite items and apps that I have been in love with for the last couple of months. These are items and apps I have been using every day and plan to keep on using during the new season. 

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1.My Nespresso:

 You can say that my Nespresso machines is the only reason I get anything done. This coffee machine has also saved me lots money on top of being productive.( Yes I have cut that Starbucks addiction)  My favorite pod is the Carmel Cookie, I love creating me own personal drinks and Tiktoking them or posting them on Instagram. Makes me feel like a major barista. 

2. nutpods Creamer:

 Since getting my Nespresso, nutpods creamers have been my go to plant based creamers. They have no added sugar, mix well in coffee & tea, and  froth amazingly. On top of that nutpods have different flavors and are made of many different plant based milks like almond, coconut and oat. My current favorite flavor is : Cinnamon Swirl 

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3. A good agenda:

My favorite thing right now is having a good agenda. I have this small one from Esty that is well made and I can carry in my bag without it taking space. Yes, I know can use your phone, but I just found that for me personal its better to write it all down. 

4. Playlist : 

My go to playlist right now off Spotify is perfect for all the spring feels.  You can find it here  

5. Peloton: (was this a surprise)  This had to make my-list! Since I got it back in December there hasn't been a day, I don't ride or workout using the bike and the app. Definitely a purchase I don't regret. Should I do a list of my top rides ? 

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6. Candy: Aka SmartSweets, it's officially my favorite candy with zero sugar. I love snaking on them during the day or when watching my favorite show with no regret especially after a hard workout. The have many different styles of candy from gummy bares to liquric style. My personal favorite is the Watermelons. Full disclosure at first dose have a taste but that goes away once you get used to eating them.

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7. TikTok:  I can officially say I'm addicted to the app! ask me a year ago and would have never said that or believed it. I find it entertains me and has taught me a some amazing hacks. you can follow me on the app Im @simplyjackieoxo on there.

8. Pinterest: Fell back in love with Pinterest for inspiration when it comes to my blog and Instagram and just want to brows around the internet and learn what's in style. I have actually done a couple of recipes I had pinned In the past. 

You can Find me here @jackieoxo 

9.Thinx: Thinx's Is a company that makes some of the best & comfy  Period underwear. I am going to be honest, I wear them as double protect. You could just wear them like underwear by themselves. I personably like that they are reusable and deffnitly save me lots of money and I no longer need to be constantly checking if I have not leaked.  You can fin out more here and get a discount of 10%

10. Static Nails : I been In love with press on nails because I can not do my own nails, butt at the same time I been trying to save money. So that's why I been loving Static nails they have popular designs and on top of that there press on nails are reusable. 

Check out Static Nails

These are some of my current favorite items and apps I been using since winter. I know that these will go into summer with me.