I have a money saving trip for all of us Nespresso coffee lovers. On top of that it helps us save planet. As we all know most of the time coffee pods end up in land fills, even when we try to recycle. Then there is the cost of the pods themselves and those starts adding up. (We all know those pods go by fast!)

Here is where my tip comes in handy!  I found The Coffee Seal on Amazon. They sell Aluminum Foils Lids that you can use to refill Nespresso pods. So now you can re-use them with your own coffee blende at home. It's super easy and it helps save money and the planet. According to the brand foils are made from environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, food-grade, BPA-free material and produce an excellent cup of coffee. These lids are truly high quality and easy to use. 

Honestly if you love your Nespresso coffee, you definitely needed these. On top of saving money and the planet, your able to make your own blend the way you like it. I love reusing my pods, and the money you save let me splurge on other items for my little coffee corner at home.  

Down below you will see how easy it is to refile the pods, but I also have a video on Tiktok. I want to thank The Coffee Seal, for gifting me this set of seals so I could do the video and blog post. All opinions are my own and I was already buying the product even before I reached out  to the brand.

Step One: Clean out the pods and save them. 

Step Two: Get your Lids ready.

Step Three: I grind my coffee but if you have your blende ready start filling up the pods. I like to press down on the coffee the make sure its completely filled and clean off the edge of the pod.

Step Four: Apply the lid on the pod make sure the lid is on smoothly around the edges as best as you can.

Step Five: Enjoy your work and have your coffee. 

Here is the link to buy The Coffee Seal  Aluminum foils