If you follow me on Instagram,  then you know I recently went to New York City. It was my first time in the city! As some of you might know NYC has always been on my bucket list when it comes to traveling and somehow it always been pushed behind or put off for the next year.
Honestly, I think it had to do with my fear of it possibly not living up to the expectation I created in my head thanks to every TV show & Movie I have ever watched.

You might be wondering how we did New York City in 48 hours as first-timers. Frankly, a lot of planning went into it and last minute winging it.

We landed in Newark airport on a Friday morning around 4 am and it was super simple to get into the city from that airport. We took the air tram and then the train to New York Penn station (The Last Stop on the train) for a total of 13 dollars and only thirty minutes. We chose a hotel in Chelsea since we thought it would be a good middle point close to all the boroughs and it was like a five-minute walk for the train station making it easy for our arrival and return.

We did arrive early to our hotel four points by Sheraton in Chelsea, luckily the hotel staff was super nice and checked if they could get us a room but sadly it was not possible. They did add us to a list to be the first ones to get a room,  even before the check-in time of 3 pm. They also were able to hold our bags so we can walk around and start exploring the city. * I always recommend calling ahead and checking with your hotel if you can get your room early or drop off your bags.

 Our hotel was less than five minutes from the flat iron building that's where we started our first exploration of the city. Currently, the flat iron is going under some remodeling. Since we did arrive early for breakfast we were winging it and not sure of our options because of the time but what we quickly learned that in New York City there is something always open and tasty nearby.
We found Le Pain Quotidien that was a healthy option for early in the morning. From what I understand its kind of like a Panera.

After that, we made a long walk in the rain to Grand Central Terminal . At this point in our trip, we felt like we can walk anywhere since we're used to lots of walking from other trips to Europe.  when people would tell me New York City is a fast paste I never truly understood what they meant as myself being a fast pace person. Let me say I now definitely understand.

Grand Central Terminal  lived up to all the gossip girl dreams and more! It's a beautiful building, with so much history and pride. they have a food court down below where you can find Magnolia Baker if you are looking for one (I later found out there's is one almost at all tourist attractions. )  So I recommend you plan that stop at the same time as another.* You can not pass the Banana Pudding through TSA  at the airport. 

After that, we had to get some bagels so we hit up Esss-a-bagel near the UN.This beagle shop was packed and had a line out the door (Remember to keep the door shut.) As we waited in line our main objective  was to taste the bagels plain and simple. So lucky we were told there was a different line for just plane bagels order.

After my first bite, I understand people's love for New York Bagels.
*Some did come home with us in our carry-ons!

With our planning, we knew there was going to be a big rain pour from 9 am- 12 pm. We decided to head up to Central Park and spend that time at one of the museums to beat out the rain. After much debate and suggestions, we decided on the Natural Museum of history.

As we were finishing up we got a call our room was ready and we need the rest. Luckily below the museum, there is a subway station so we diced to take it for our first time this trip. I recommend you take the subway its super quick and easy, I enjoyed it so much more than BART.its so much cheaper than Uber also!

After our nap, some of our plans did change, since we started our morning so early.  we decided to head back up to explore Central Park. One of the biggest and most beautiful parks I been in, as we walk I quickly notice how much bigger it was then Hyde park in London and the Retiro in Spain.

The number one spot I wanted to visit was Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and as you can see it lived up to my expectations and so much more.

We explored as much as we could of the park before sunset and then made our way to Time Square, and honestly now that I have seen it I would not go back.  Luckily near Time Square, we were able to try joe's pizza

One of my big tips is if you're tired after exploring and want to rest before the next day Uber Eats is the best way to try different food around New York on our first night we order The Halal Guys.  we also got Katz's Delicatesse the next day. Definitely recommended Katz's

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 New York has so many good brunch/ breakfast places so definitely try to hit one every morning we went to Jacks wife Frieda & Clinton St. Baking. I deffnitly getting their early to try and get a table, especially with Clinton st  there was a lien there even before the restaurant open.

One of the main things we did on our full day in the city was the statue of liberty and guys get your tickets ahead of time and if you have crown ticks be ready to hike some stairs. it was a fun experience but we did not know what having crown tickets actually meant until we reach the pedestal  and someone mention if they could go up to the crown. Luckily my sister said "I have a wristband." and the tour guy said you can go up, he seriously told us "You guys ready if you need the bathroom go now and take your time." We looked at each other like wtf how hard can it be. we have done the Eiffel tower In the past with stairs. Whats ten more floors, we soon found out it is no joke, its tiny stairs leading to the top but definitely, an experience worth it and your legs will be on fire after but so worth it.  I recommend you also try to see the charging bull, the 9/11 memorial once you're done with the statue it's all close by. Also the Brooklyn bridge, but do be the correct side of the bridge and I recommend going when it's not overly packed.

Overall I fell in love with  New York City and definitely would go back. It has so much to offer no matter what you're looking for. I could keep writing about this trip and make this post even longer but I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves.