With this year being the start of my second year of owning my own business, thanks to Poshmark (If you're new to this blog I sell used clothing on the app Poshmark , which saves them from ending up in landfills). I decided that since it was the start of my second year of Poshing it was time to step up my game and start working on branding. When it comes to today's world, branding is so essential for a business. It is that little something extra that makes you stand out from other companies. 

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One of the main things when it came to deciding what was going to be my brand, other than my logo, was that I wanted my brand to stand for and that was sustainability.
In our current climate, sustainability is necessary!  In addition, every little thing we can do helps.

When it comes to reselling clothes at times it can become easy to overlook the amount of waste were putting out there with all our packaging we use to ship our orders out with.

Therefore, I know I wanted to find a sustainable source when it came to packaging. 

For Poshmark having sustainable packaging was very important for me, not only am I helping the planet by saving clothing from going to the landfill (The U.S. alone sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year) but my packaging is also helping fight the battle. 

Did you know packaging makes up over 23% of waste that just what makes it to the landfill each year?

I found out about the Brand Noissue, through Instagram and from other business owners who were using them. Noissue creates high quality, sustainable packaging without any sacrifice. Not just that they help you create amazing high quilt tissue and packaging for your brand. They use ink that is soy-based and there tissue is completely acid free and FSC Certified.

So That's why I used them to create my own personalized branded tissue, and let me tell you  it was the easiest thing ever! Being able to have my brand logo on tissue of such high quality and not harm the plant is an amazing thing for my personal but not only that It has helped me step up on my own branding game and made me feel more like my own business owner.

Not only was I able to create high quality tissue with my logo but also stickers I can include in all my purchase. This is helping me stand out for just being another reseller on the app Poshmark, but also my own business if one day I do decide to step away from the app and open my own store. 

I also want to mention about Noissue Mailers! I do not know if you have ever looked up sustainable mailers online, they are not the prettiest. However, Noissue are fine to look at not only that they inform your customer on facts and get the conversation started on sustainability. The mailers are waterproof, stretch and completely compostable. 

If you are on the same boat as me and are trying to build your brand I definitely recommend you check out Noissue to help you create customized tissue and sticker that help you stick out, and not just that help our planet. 


*Disclaimer these items were gifted to me by Nissue, but all opinions are my own.