As some of you know, I have started selling on Poshmark as part-time since the end of July. In these five months, I have learned so much from the fantastic community, and I am still learning, but I want to share with you what I quickly learned in the first two months that might help you save time as you start your journey on the Poshmark. So I created a quick list of tips that will help beginners succeed and help cut back some significant research time.  These are things I wish I knew from the start.  (Once again I am not an expert, I only been selling for five months on the app)

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1. It’s indeed a social app:  Yes!  Poshmark's is a social app you need to be active. You can’t list items and then forget about it. Everyone talks about this, but most people who start Poshmark have no clue about this until maybe a week or a month of their items not selling and realizing that the sharing button is important.

2. Sharing and following:  I should have made this into  two separate categories, but I combined them since they are so important and go together. You need to be sharing your close! That’s the way people will see your items. Poshmark has no tricks; There is no algorithm like Instagram. As long as you share a listing, it will always show up in the just resent shares. You don’t need many likes or comments for it to show up on there. It is also vital that you be sharing other people items this sometimes lead to them re-sharing your items with their followers who are potential buyers. That’s why it's important to follow people or have people follow you back they could be prospective buyers or lead to them.

3. Pictures:  Pictures are so important on postmark! Your cover shot needs to be nice this is what attracts people to the item. Having that good cover pictures will bring the customer to see the rest of the images in the listing. The rest of the photos should be taken in good lighting where you can showcase the whole item, and it will help show if there might be any possible flaw with the garment. Having good lighting in your photos will help make the customer know what they are getting and not have to do the whole guessing game. When it comes to bad pictures they might, think they are taking a risk and end up passing on the item. Also, good pictures help when you get a cased open against you.

4. Titles: Titles are also important because this can catch a customer’s eyes too. I would recommend the following Formant: (Is it new. What Brand. The Actual name of the item.) It’s very important to find the actual name of the item when it goes to a certain brand. People tend to look up the name In the search bar its easier for them to find what they want. If you can’t find the name, don’t sweat it, but there is place that can help. I’ll go over those in my next blog post.

5. Descriptions: Another one of those essential items when listing on Poshmark. Describe as much as you can so people know what you are selling, and if the item has any flaws, please be sure to mention that in this section. I would include measurements in this section too since most likely you will get asked.

6. Research:  Doing research on your item is so important! Take some time and google the item or look up the brands website, of the item you are trying to sell. You can at times find out the actual name of the item, original price, and stock photos. You can also do this research on Poshmark and see how much the item is going for or how much it sold for. I know at times it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to doing research so I also recommend joining some Facebook groups the people on there are so helpful and knowledgeable. (future post coming up, about how to look up items easier.)

7. Supplies: Okay this is my favorite tip! And I so wish I knew this from the first time I even created an account on Poshmark. You can get free shipping boxes from the post office, and basically not have to be hunting down old amazon boxes to ship out items you sold. You just need to go into your local post office and see if they have the priority boxes. Make sure they are the right ones, you can double check the size on Poshmark. You can also order them online and they do take time to get to you so I always order mine ahead of time.(Tip I keep hearing from experience resellers get those boxes early they tend to run out during the holiday season) If you feel confterbal investing in an items for your shipping supplies I would recommend The poly mailers from Upaknship ( not sponsored) they give your business that extra little touch that shoppers enjoy because they're not just receiving a box but that is totally up to you. I also like to add tissue paper and cards for my packages. When it comes to tissue paper I get it from costco they have a grat deal on it right now because of the holidays, I also get my tape from them. I recommend just keep checking your store's many great deals right now because of the holidays.

These are my tips I wish I would have known during the start of my poshmark journey that would have made it so much easier for me so I hope they can help you on your journey on Poshmark . I am still learning, trying out stuff and collecting information major thanks to the poshmark community for always sharing information. if there are any other info you like to know or maybe see some tips missing please let me know down below.