Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a hot minute since I have written in this blog! My last post was about me doing Poskmark. Yikes! I have already been doing that for 4 months.

 What basically happened was during the summer,  July into August I got hired at a new job. That lead to me doing many interviews and testing, aka ruing around like a chicken without a head. When I finally settled down at my new job, a whole new mess started aka  doing my  job: Meeting parents learning the way things are done at the school and what expected of me. It was a little too much for me so I took a small break from blogging and Personally I just need to step back from Instagram and refined myself and my joy for it.

During the break from blogging and a day off from work we   decided to take a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas. We hit up the casinos, ate good food, gambled and then drove off on a 4-hour drive to the Grand Canyon, and let me just say it was amazing if you have ever been debating visiting  I say go for it!

So In a quick summary I been MIA because I started an entirely new job and I am still trying to find my footing, but now I feel like I'm more in the zone and can't wait To get back into writing on here.

Hope you enjoy a couple photos of my Vegas trip!