Yes ! I went back to Vegas before the year was even over. Compared to our last trip of one quick weekend trip. We decided to stay for four days and celebrate thanksgiving in sin city and get rid of any stress that came with thanksgiving. As you know I am not much for the nightlife we come to Vegas to relax. 

We flew Spirit and I know people have horror stories when it comes to this airline but not me. I always had a positive experience. I know I’m saving money (major plus) So I understand it’s not first class travel and I’m okay with it. Plus this time my 94 year old grandmother came with us and they were truly helpful and made the trip it less stressful.
 The first thing we did when we arrive was to pick up our rental car, we were going to go to a couple different destinations during this trip so a rental car was the best option for our trip. The best thing about Las Vegas is they have a free shuttle to take you to the Rental car terminal it’s basically like a min airport terminal with all the car rentals chains located inside. So if your renting a car make sure to take the shuttle to the terminal there is one every 3 minutes or less, during this thanksgiving weekend the line was long but there was always at least three buses making the line go very quick! But please take in mine if you are renting a car to drive around las Vegas. The hotels do now charge for parking around 9 for 2 hours yes even if you’re staying there. If you have a club card like MGM Visa or  MGM rewards and are at a certain tear you get free parking at all of their resorts, luckily for us my mom is a pearl member so we basically visited all MGM  restores since parking was free. 

This time we decided to stay at Mandalay Bay as some you know we tend to always stay at the MGM Grand but we diced to do something differently. They gave us an amazing room with the best bathroom and amazing beds our view was out towards the pool and not the strip but I was totally okay with that. They have amazing pools but since it was the low season they did only have a couple open. 

Instagraming in Vegas ! 

There are so many amazing Instagram spots in Las Vegas just on the stip and in the hotels. But if you’re looking for something different the best part Is Seven Magic Mountains only 35 minutes away from the strip and completely free. We took a quick trip in the morning hoping it would not be to pack and were able to take amazing images and walk around looking at the boulders.

You all know I love myself some good coffee and donuts so when I saw that Vegas had a Doubt Bar I need to  hit them up! We got there at 7:30 they open at 7 and they were already almost out of stuff. Luckily for me I got to try the Homer donut inspired by the Simpson donut. They had so many more amazing donuts to try out and they tasted amazing. They around $7 dollars with out taxes and so large they are totally worth it you can always split with some one. They also have a little Instagram spot outside you can take a picture if you want. As we ate and drake our coffee the store was starting to slowly get pack so if you’re going to be trying it out and want  a specific donut get there earlier since they do run out before there closing time.

Since it was Thanksgiving weekend many place were closed Thursday and Friday, so I did not get to hit some other amazing sports I heard about like the None museum in down ton las Vegas, that one does cost around $20 during the day for a ticket. There are also so many cool murals downtown that are amazing Instagram spots in my opinion so definitely check them out.

One of my other places to take pictures on the Las Vegas strip is on parking garages all the way on the top. As you all know, one of my favorite spots is on top of the Bellagio parking garage. Even if you’re not driving, just go to the self-parking garage and all the way to the last floor and you can get a great image of the Pairs hotel Eiffel tower and many more.

Over all spending Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas was a fun experience and relaxing at the same time. Sometimes you just need to step back from the holiday madness and actually just enjoy it .Keep your eyes out because I have one more fun trip plan for this year before it raps up, and no its not to Vegas again.