Hey Guys!

Here is the second part of our Spain Travel diaries:  Our second half of the trip was spent in Bilbao and San Sebastian.

Bilbao is in the northern part of Spain in the Basque country they actually speak Basque and also Spanish. Their signs tend to be in Basque but they always have a Spanish translation down below. Sadly we were only in Bilbao for only a day.  A couple of us actually got sick that day, the difference from warm weather to rain hit us hard.  Luckily we were able to hit all the major attractions of the city from the Guggenheim Museum to eating pintxos at the Mercado de la Ribera  (that were delicious ) followed with a just stroll along the cannel.

After our one day in Bilabo we took the train all the way to Donostia / San Sebastián  (2 hours ) its where the royal family  used to take their vacations. San Sebastian is located near the ocean and has two amazing beaches. On top of that you can take a hike that leads you to the perfect view spot where you can look over the whole town. San Sebastian has amazing food and is known as a foodie heaven, it currently has 5 Michelin stars restaurants.

These two city’s were amazing and very different from the typical image of Spain. I have also post a short video of our trip down below.