Here is my last post of our trip to Spain, this took a little longer to post but here it is. We spent a week in Madrid, as some of you know its where my brother currently lives. My sister, mother, and I  actually have gone before, its one of our favorite place in Europe. But this time we got to bring our dad along to this beautiful city.

 The cool thing about visiting Madrid is that the city offers so much to do but it also its very easy to visit surrounding cities by a short train ride. That's actually what we did! We visit  Segovia and El escorial, both places were amazing as you could see from the pictures. On top of that I got to celebrate my 26th  birthday in the lovely city eating amazing food! Enough of my explaining I'll show you with pictures and the short video I made.

(PS: This video will be missing music in one section! yes, I got copyrighted. :) )