Hey everyone 👋 finally back home from our amazing trip to Spain. These blog post will be little recaps of what we did during our trip.  It will be broke down into three parts. The first part is Granada and Sevilla (You're welcome to skip the reading and look at the pictures and video)

After the disaster of our flight being canceled we end up end spending a day in London. Only down part was that we were not able to go into the city ( its to far away from the airport and jet lag), Since we have already been to London we decided to spend the day getting used to the time change and watching our favorite British TV shows, Dinner Date and Come Dine With Me. The next day at night we finally made it to Madrid, but just as quickly as we made it we left on our way Granada!

Granada is located 5 hours away from Madrid taking bus, like we did. It was a lovely ride where you can take in the amazing view of the olive tree.

In Granada we decide to stay in an amazing Airbnb with a cute red and white theme. Also it was located net of of the best churrerias in the whole town so duble win!!! The town was small and everything was very close, so we decided to walk everywhere. We went up to a looking point and got to see the whole town it was a major hike but it was awesome.

The next day we headed to the Alhambra, do get your tickets ahead of time online. It’s also a major hike but if you’re used to walking its doable.

The best part of Granada are the tapas, you buy your drink and get a tapa free. Granada is probably the ownly place in spain where this is still a thing. As long as you keep ordering drinks they keep giving you tapas. Also the best thing about being in Granada during Semana Santa (holly week) was seeing the processions, It almost did not happen because of the weather. Which would have been a travesty because people wait all year for them.

Overall, Granada was an amazing first stop as you can see from the video and picture down below 😊

Sevilla was our next stop and it was amazing for me, Sevilla is what everyone thinks of when they think of Spain; Flamenco, warm weather, and bull fighting. Luckily my brother spent a whole semester during his junior year of a college so he showed us around. 

 In Sevilla we stayed in an amazing aparment near the center of all the main attractions. What I love the most is that it had a very spanish feel. We visit all the attraction in Sevilla as you are able to see from the pictures down below. What truly blew away my mind was how crazy Semana Santa (Holly week) is in Sevilla. It seems like the whole city shuts down for the processions. From those whole live in Sevilla to turist are all out on the streets waiting for different processions that are happening all thoughout the city. It honestly somthing to experience, the streets were closed and were packed with people waiting for the processions. Down below are all our pictures a little video of the first part of our trip.

If you have any questions about Spain please let me know, I love to help you out.