If you know me or follow my Instagram you know, I'm a TV junkie.Like big time, if there was rehab binge-watching and shipping couples, I probably be sent to serve time.Tonight the final season of The Originals is premiering. A TV show which I only watched the pilot of because it was the cause of my favorite ship (the act of one wanting/supporting two individuals involved in a romantic relationship) to be separated. Because of that, I made a vow never to watch this show until Caroline Forbes (Candice King) came on to this show, and after years if waiting guess what its happening.

 (This post contains spoilers, after this point you have been warned.)

So tonight, as I am writing this review. This is the night that all  Klaroline(Caroline +Klaus= Klaroline )  shippers have been waiting for, Klaus (Joseph Morgan)and Caroline are finally blessings our screen in the same universe and this time not through a phone or letter.

Let me start off with a little history for all those who don't know my history with this show. I first watched The Vampire Diaries on September 2009 when it first premiered all the way till the last season on March 10, 2017. At the time the show started  I was a junior in high, yes still a teen when I first watched it. Before the start of the show I had read the books, so when I saw the first episode on the CW, I was thrown back by the changes that were made. Elena was brunet, not a blond as in the books. Another change was that Caroline Forbes was friends with Bonnie and Elena when in the book Caroline did not play such a big role. As the season continued the show, it continued to strive away from the books in major ways. One main change was Caroline Forbes's character.  As a junior in high school I connected with Caroline's character the most, she was a young girl trying to fit in and doing everything she could to be accepted. So when She was killed and turned into a vampire a new twist.We got to meet this new strong Caroline that I connected with even more.

The show then took another extreme turn from the books and introduced The Originals.During that time all I cared about was when were Caroline and Tyler going to hook up and who is this Klaus
guy?Yes, I will say I am one of those people who shipped Forwood ( Tyler and Caroline ) and then left the ship.But who couldn't after Klaus the original vampire with a British accent said he fancied her. Yes, that was when I jumped ship and started Shipping Caroline.Though there were many ups and downs, many times when I wanted to give up on my favorite ship, yet I weathered out the storm(sorry for the pun..lol). I stayed shipping them even through marriages and some side pieces. Since the end of Vampire Dairies left us Klaroline shippers wanting more. And we might be finally getting it tonight!!!

 That's why I decided to do this review as a shipper who never watches The Originals before, because I know I'm not the only one. So I hope you enjoy this review of the episode.

 First off, I like to start with all the hype there is around this episode. On social media Candice posted this post regard us finally getting what we want....or are we? (Girl I cannot now).
 I saw some more pictures of her and Joseph Morgan reading lines so I'm ready to watch this episode.

The title of the episode is  Where you left your Heart. Okay with a title like that how can I not be excited. Since I never watched the show before now, I think this has to do with Klaus vowing to be Caroline's last love. Luckily the show gives us a little recap of what we missed in the last season. It looks like to save Hope the Mikaelson had to break there lifelong  Promises of: Always and  Forever.  So now they have roam the earth by themselves with no connection to each other, as we all know their not a lot of fun apart.

It has been seven years since this happens we get to meet teenage Hope as she is pimping her blood out for money if you did not know her blood makes hybrids. Hope is doing all this in where everything started Mystical Falls, more importantly, the Salvatore boarding house that now is a school for gifted children (And Caroline is the headmasters of.) We see a familiar face right at the star and hear a familiar name. After this, we move on to New Orleans where we meet new people and Hailey. We also get introduced to the idea that the town has a treat between the witches, vampires and wolfs live in a truce. It was interesting to get and meet these new characters, and they seem like fun, but let’s get to the point where all genuinely interested to The originals and of occurs Klaus and Caroline’s first scene together.

 Elijah the noble one got his memory’s compelled completely, Rebeca is in love with Marcel who is purposing, Kol is married (he came back from the dead, in case you did not know). Klaus is acting crazier then ordinary something Rebekah figures out and asks the one person in particular that can help aka Caroline Forbes

Right from the first moment when Caroline enters the show swooping in, she is already lecturing Klaus, and it was like they never left each other. The way he called her sweetheart and smiled at her, it was like the good old times. After some back and forth chatter or what I would call flirting. Caroline went straight into her taking charge mood and brought her cleaning toolbox and made Klaus help her clean as she lectured him on not being a good father and how he was still using the excuse of Mikael. It reminded me of their scene from the Mikaelson ball (season 3 episode 14)where she told him “I get it. Your father didn’t love you, so you assume that no one else will either.”  Reminding him he was better than Mikael, and his daughter would understand. Because she happens to think he someone worth knowing.

After this conversation with Caroline, Klaus calls Hayley just to have Hope answer at first he stayed quiet until he finds Hayley is missing and his daughter is alone. He tells her he is coming home, I think because of Caroline lecture.

Overall it was a great first scene to see my favorite couple together, but once again I wanted more from them, and I genuinely hope we get to see them more. I’m still not sure if I keep watching the show, but something it reminded me of was how much I missed the originals interaction on vampire diaries
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