Since I came back home from my vacation to Spain last week, my life has just been upside down. Not only am I still dealing with time change. My daily routine has been out of the loop, I have new deadlines, meetings, and it’s just kept coming. To make matters even crazier my phone stop working the weekend I came back. My whole life is on that phone  (save yourself from a big headache back up your phone people). Like most people I have all my reminders and plans written down on my phone's calendar/notes app. Because it stopped working I felt even more lost. Luckily,  I received this fantastic planner from Transcending Waves, while I was away. So I felt what better time than this to start using it. If you read my last post about what i've learned,  so far about blogging. one of the main points I've stressed was having a schedule and an excellent planner to help you stay on track.

This what I initially was going to use the Transcending Waves planner, but when I open it, I was genuinely surprise of what was inside this planner. It was no way  just a regular planner, it has the following  sections inside:

  • Monthly Planning
  • Weekly Planning
  •  Daily planning 
  •  Reflection section
  •  Water tracker
  •   Goal setting
  •  and much more.

All these options inside the planner helps you achieve a more balanced life. It's not just a planner you use to schedule your week, but it also helps you set goals and lets you reflect on them. I use this section to set up my intentions. If you know me, I love to set intentions usually verbally or on a paper that  I later lose. What I love is that I have them down in a secured section and then at night I can reflect on my goals and see if I  conquer them for the day or reflect on why I did not conquer them.
 The Transcending Waves planner  has everything you want in a planner without having to buy more than one. It's so easy to make it into what you want, plus its small and sturdy which is very important if you ask me.

I would recommend you guys check this planner out. Honestly if your in the market for a good planner this is definitely one of the best for the price. On top of the great price, they did offer me a code so if your in the market for a planner feel free to use my code.

 10% discount Code : JACKIEOXO

Disclaimer: The company sent me the planner to review and give my honest opinion. I am not being paid for this post, everything stated is my actual honest opinion. This blog does hold affiliate links.