If you're like me, a self-proclaimed amateur chief that your go-to dish is a stating vegetable and putting things in a microwave, or being sous chef to the actual chef (aka.. grabbing ingredients from the refrigerator and then pressing play on the remote to the new Top Chef episode). And if your like me looking for an easy way to eat clean with out the actual hard work of meal prep then I got a perfect solution, to having health food for your body and soul without having to sign up for one of those subscriptions boxes. Those tiresome subscriptions where you need to do all the work and then you end up getting annoyed and putting it off for another day as you head to the Whole Food food court ( that's what I call the warm food area at Whole Foods).

If you follow me on social media, you know my solution to this is Model Meals. I get asked so many questions about the company and how they work and why I chose to use them. So that's why I am answering all your questions with this blog post. Disclaimer:They do not sponsor me.
 I just like utilizing the company and believe they are an easy solution to eating really healthy food which taste really great! Not like other meal subscription services that are for only weight loss and come with some questionable ingredients.

 Model Meal is a  meal prep service. What makes them different is that you don't have to do a subscription or do any cooking. All you have to do is pop them on the stove or microwave for a couple of minutes, and your meals ready. All their foods are whole 30, and Paleo approved. They use local and organic products. I don't think I know of any other company doing this, do you?

Ordering from them is super easy you go to the website pick the meals you want their menu is always changing. They deliver twice a week Wednesday and Sunday.  Sadly they are only located in specific areas. Down below is a list were they are currently offering services.

  • San Francisco; Bay Area
  •  Los Angeles 
  • Orange County 
  • San Diego 
  • Santa Barbara
  •  San Bernardino
  •  Riverside
  •  Phoenix(New location)

The reason I love to use them is because they are super easy to order and heat up.  They help me with the struggle of trying figure out what to make during the week for lunch or on the weekends. Not only are they easy but their quality of the products are amazing and their meals are so creative, honestly they use ingredients in such a great way that I would have never though of. I have a couple of favorite meals, the number one being their tacos, their tortilla is terrific and made from celery root, and their salsa is fantastic!

So enough talking about them! If you want to try them out and you're in one of the areas they deliver I do have a code for you to get $25 off your first order. If you don't want to use my code that's okay, they also have one for first-time orders on their Instagram.

$25 off First order 

 Please let me know if you do try them out and what you thought?