Hey Guy's, 
 So this an update on my skin routine which has changed a bunch since the first time I ever did a blog post on skincare. As I have mentioned in the past, I have very oily skin that is acne prone which is the primary reason why I fell in love with Glossier. Glossier was the first brand which got me thinking about  putting my skin first. They were just not selling me the idea that I needed to cover up my skin imperfections with makeup. This was a revolutionary idea, attest for me it was.   

Since my last post about my skincare, I went over the basics like:  

1. Washing my face during the morning and night.
 2. Making  sure my make up is completely off prior to going to bed.
3. Moisturizing is a must
4. Face mask are essential!

 Now as I have matured with my Skincare routine, I have developed some new skin commandments I would like to talk to you about, and one of the significant new products I had love currently and made part of my daily routine is the Glossier " "

Yes, this product works!

Before I received the solute in the mail, my skin was causing me to cry. I was trying everything to get it better, and everything I tried was just not working.  So I decided to give the solution a try, and I never made a better choice. It made me hugely difference on my skin and took my routine to a whole new level and trust me  my skin is thanking me for it.

 The solute leaves my skin clear and feeling clean, but at the same time, I feel like it tightens it and gets completely ride the oil on my face. Sunblock and moisturizer are essential after using the solute. Its such an easy routine all you only have to use the solute once a day, personally I love to use it at night because I feel it works the best for me.  

I'm currently using this daily so that I will do a follow up on my final thought this is my third week using it, and I just couldn't wait to tell you all about it.

My current routine at night looks like this:

1.Washing all my face makeup entirely off I use this...  and 

2. I use a towel to make sure my face has no makeup left.

3.Use the solute with this fantastic cotton pads.

4. Apply sunblock and lotion (I like to use both, so my skin doesn't feel too tight.)

5. Depending on the day I like to apply 

6.  I end my day with a relaxing tea or lemon water.

If you guys would like to try the product I do have a 10% discount code for you: 10% OFF