Valentine's is just around the corner (basically next Wednesday), and I know most people think of it as a corporate holiday. I’m there with you, but over the years I gave into it.  Yes, it’s a great day to celebrate with that particular special person in your life, but for us singles, we get to spend that day with our Galentine's and there is no shame in that.Some of us even think of Valentine's as a holiday to thank that fantastic friend for being our ride or die.

So I looked around for some great gift ideas for that great friend in your life. And you guessed it Target like Amazon had great cheap cute things you can get your gals. I have linked a couple of items you might like to get your friend or even yourself.

One of my favorite gifts to give all the time no matter the occasion are cups.Target has a fantastic variety of cups that are very cute here are a few of my favorite.
If you want something more technology-wise, I think these would be great for any friend in your life.

A little something extra I saw Target doing is Old Hollywood movies/ Romcoms. Not only do these make great gifts but these are also a great way to spend the day.

Okay! Something Target always does right is skincare/make up.

Most gifts are under $25 the only thing over $25 is the Google Mini, but you guys its so worth the $40. I use mine all the time for anything.

I hope this small gift guide gives you some ideas of what to get your gals or even yourself. If you do want to by any of these items you can find them here on Target Gift Guide