Now let's just say last weekend was packed with major celebrations in my family. My cousin turned 15 something I can't believe because it felt like not that long ago she was at my own quinceaneras. Also, my younger Sister finished college, not only with one degree from the University of California Santa Cruz but two and with honors in both of them and she did all in four years. So big congrats to her for all her hard work and sticking with it.

For my fellow Bay area natives, it was a warm weekend.So that made the commit a little difficult since many people want to head down to the beach. Having to get up at 4 am to make my sister first graduation was not joked, not going to lie but there was already traffic heading up the 17. The ceremony was nice and short and small wich made it an enjoyable graduation.will celebrate by going out to eat and having some Smitten ice cream.(Best way to celebrate anything!)

On Saturday we celebrated my cousin turn 15 with a fiesta theme party. from the pictures below you can tell they put the time and dedication into their party and theme. It was a great way to celebrate her turning 15 and spend time with the family. As mention before truly could not believe how fast time has passed.

we head back to Santa Cruz on Sunday for another graduation celebration my sister and our Latin ethnicity. it was a lovely graduation with a beautiful backdrop.

Overall it was a crazy weekend spent among family celebrating the great achievement in their life. truly proud of them and what is to come into the future for both of them.

(Hope you guys like the video I made bellow of my sister's graduation.)