I'm addicted to cooking books and nutrition book. 

Since the young age of twelve, I developed a love for books.(Shout out to Gossip Girl). I would make my parents, more like begged for them to take me to the book store just to get a book for the weekend. It got to the point where my parents had to hide the book from me. Especially if it was for a long trip because I could read that book in a couple of hours before the trip.

 I'm not going to lie I love Young Adult book. I hope many could relate to that, on top of that I enjoy thrillers from time to time, but lately, I developed A new love for cookbooks and nutrition books.

First off, if you know me you know that I can barely boil water without something going wrong, but lately I been putting myself out there when it comes to cooking. As a gift for Christmas, I received first the Freddie Prince Jr Book, Back to the kitchen and it started a new inspiration for me to get into the kitchen.

 I admit my love for the actor and after a girls night watching some of his films like, I know what you did last summer and She's all that. We found out he had a cookbook and it was a shocker, but once I read the book I understood this man had a passion for food.

The recipes are amazing and simple that even a somewhat okay cook could make and enjoy.

 His green chilly salsa is so good. I might secretly now use it all the time and tell people it is a family recipe (oops!!).

 My current favorite book right now is Body Love by Kelly LeVeque. This book just blow my mind. I read it in literally in two days, and read it again the next day to make sure I understood everything correctly.

Kelly LeVeque shows you a new way to not diet, but love your body by filling it with nutritious food.  In a way that will help you lose weight if that's your goal.  I really got into this book and the ideology behind it after Kelly post on her blog about the challenge she was hosting.

From the first day of the challenge I could notice the difference and I think that's what made me believe in the book even more. I'm on day 17 of the challenge and now I enjoy waking up early to get some type of workout before work, and a fab 4 smoothie after. It makes me stay full until lunch and sometimes after. I recommend this book if you're trying to fall back in love with your body.

The third cooking book I got was The Gilmore girls book: Eat like a Gilmore. This book is filled with fun amazing recipes. That makes you feel like your part of the Stars Hollow community. Try one of these recipes out when ever you feel like you need a little Gilmore Girls in your life.

 If you guys have any recommendations for book I should check out, please let me know down below. I'm always up for finding a new book of any kind.

Here are the links to the book !

Eat Like a Gilmore

Back to the Kitchen

Body Love