I'm in love with the bohemian look, it's something I always lean to when I go shopping for a new piece. So I thought for my first fashion post. I should post this lovely dress from my favorite brand of all time Free People.

The dress is called Retro Love Suede and its 100% suede. The best part it comes with pockets! if you know me I love pockets and to make it even better its teal.  It does have a plunging neckline and a expose zipper in the back. what I love about this dress is you can change it up anyway.

I decided to wear a shirt under the dress and it fit conformably and looks amazing. The dress works for any occasion and since you can mix and match its worth the price. That's something I truly love from free people as a brand, that there dress could be used all year long in different ways. This Suede dress is not a disappointment at all.