Let me tell you its true! But just because you can write doesn't mean doing this whole blogging thing is easy. I'm going to be honest, I just have been so busy and out ideas that I been neglecting my blog. A blog that took me forever to actually make, so I have been a little upset on not keeping up with content. I  have read on other blogs that you just need to write to get into the blogging scene or grove. I'm guilty of not writing, pleading guilty here.

 So I  deiced to set up a little challenge with myself to get me writing. I Jacqueline Perez will update at least once every other week.( If anyone wants to keep my accountable let me know.)

I also want to add more content to the blog not just make it about my life and trips, but I want to talk more about the Bay Area and the surrounding cities. The food and culture they offer growing up in Bay make it possible. The plan is to Include more fitness, my up's and downs with trying to become more healthier. My favorite recipes (I'm a true amateur cook like those kids on tv could sweep the floor with me.) Also maybe a little fashion I don't know much but I know what works for me. Most importantly I want to write about Coffee I <3 that stuff, and spend a pretty penny on buying it so why not write about it.

Thank you for sticking around and joining my on my writing challenge.