When I was a kid twenty seemed so far away, but not that I turned I'll I can think is where did the time go. In a couple 5 years, I will be thirty and that seems like it just around the corner. Yes, I haven't reached the goals (Or still figure out where my life is headed.) I wanted in life but I ask around and that seems to be the norm. ( I truly hope!) Turning twenty-five was a true experience spent celebrating with the people I love in the city I was born and raised. Growing up in the bay area is like nothing out there.

 So celebrating my Birthday in the Bay was a week long experience from drinking Blue Bottle coffee at the ferry Building, eating grilled cheese before heading to a Giants baseball game and looking out towards the rest of the bay area.Followed By spending time In downtown San Leandro and hitting up Sons of Liberty Alehouse, for good company and amazing food. I just had to do nine-minute drive and not struggle with parking, that's a major win in my books. To end the celebration I spent the weekend with my family who has been there to support and raise me in these last twenty-five years of life.

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who made this birthday so special and took time out of their day to celebrate with me.