As some of you may know, I like to resell clothing online primarily on the app Poshmark as a way to make some extra money from home and to clean up space. I know many of you  are also resellers, or debating taking the jump. So I want to talk to you guys about three brands that fall into three categorize that can help you with your business. The categorize are:  One Brand I just fell in love with, One that I had to move on from, and One that I still ride or die for. 

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Lets start with one I just fell in love with,  that being Ganni.

Ganni is a Danish cult brand started in 2000 by art connoisseur. The Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup describes it as ‘Scandi 2.0’ — it’s more playful and colorful than the androgynous and bohemian stereotypes in her hometown of Copenhagen. They like to design items that can be easily worn at any time of the day dressed up or down. Like their more fancy dress with sneakers. Ganni was original know for there chunky sweaters that are still cult classic.

I found out about Ganni through IG Influencers and bloggers. I started to see the white block label everywhere and was even about to buy a beanie before my trip to New York. When I notice it was sold out i realized this was a brand I need to look out for especially when I could not find the hat anywhere and the sold  price on Poshmark were great.

Last week I found my first item and took the risk of picking up the item. The item was up less then an hour when It sold. With two offers sent right away, the item I did end up selling it  lower then what I originally planed to do to small link flaws I had not seen originally but  it still  sold quick and fast, and even more importantly with a good profit. Definitely a brand I will be on the lockout for in the future.  

The brand I had to move on from is Show Me Your MuMu, now don't get me wrong I love this brand for myself and definitely will pick up when the price is correct and an in-demand item. I found that it just dose not sell at all like it used to, and items are still priced pretty high at times. Even trendy in-demand items take a weeks for the right offer to come by. One of the big things I picked up from them was bridesmaid dress but even those have not been as popular, with weddings not happening due to everything going on.
 How do you feel about this brand ? Are you still picking it up or have you moved on.

One I still ride or die for is Gal Meet Glam yes the news we got a couple of weeks ago did sadden me as this brand is one of my personal favorites. What I have found is that people are still picking up items and in search of certain styles. I truly think it has to do with so many people falling in love with these timeless pieces they want to make sure they have there favorites before they are gone for good. I think that Julia Engel is such a popular blogger that people are still going to want a piece of the brand even when its gone. I could definitely seeing people wanting original Gal Meet glam dress later on in life if Julia Engel starts a new brand since its part of her story.