Let's be real as a young girl my number one thing I hated was my skin and acne. If you know me in real life you know that acne is a big thing in my life. I break out so easily with any little thing. So I tried everything to fix it from natural herbs to proactive (that dried out my skin.)

 So that left me with packing on makeup to cover up my scars and imperfections, and if you know anything about skin. not a good idea!

 Now that I'm 24 I started to think of my skin in general, not just acne. So I  decided this year I would focus on getting a better brighter skin.I actually blame glossier for reminding me. "Skin first makeup second."

So I bought some of their products and let's just say there not only helping my skin but my acne too.

The main things I am doing right now!
1. Washing my skin morning and afternoon/night.
2.No makeup to the gym (can't stress this enough.)
3.Lots of water through the day and hot water with lemon in the morning.
4.Using face products like a face mask, good face wash, Serums, and moisturizer.

My actual routine is simple:

I do a face mask every Sunday, I use the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack or sometimes an SK-II sheet mask.Every day I wash my face in the morning with Milky Jelly Cleanser also in the evenings, I follow the same routine but I add the Super Pure Serum (best product ever) and Priming Moisturizer Rich.

These simple things have helped my skin I feel like a brand new person even more confident in the no makeup look.I still get my breakout but there not to an extream where I feel like I need to cover my face with makeup.

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