Dear Blog,

I know I suck..... I wont lie I'm just bad at this whole posting on here thing.I was even debating just deleting this whole blog.I just work to hard on the whole set up to just give up on Blogging. I totally even forgot to make posting/writing more as a new year resolution (shrugs).

So here I am finally writing/sharing pictures from my winter trip to Europe. We decided to travel to somewhere cold this year for our Christmas vacation.So we could see my brother for his birthday,     and because it was a trip to Europe who would not use there brother working aboard as an excuse. Our first stop was London and lets just say it was amazing, everything is regal and just plane pretty. What I love the most was how easy it is to commute around the city and how helpful everyone is.

After that we went back to Paris and it was just as amazing as the first time I went.After that we finally meet up with my brother, In Barcelona for our Christmas cruise( Family tradition right there.) we visit 6 locations. All amazing, it truly was  best way to spend Christmas and my brothers birthday (Even if he got sick). After that we spent two amazing days in Barcelona and let me just say it made me fall even more in love with Espana. After that we head to Brussels for one day sadly it was also our last trip before heading back home. The one day was so worth it, I wish we could have stayed longer. Over all  it was an amazing trip that made me fall in love all over with Europe even.