I have found a fun activity that I think you will all love. The best part is this is great for any occasion, a fun date night, a girl's night out, or just a great gift for any occasion. It's a mystery picnic from Amazing co. and as you can tell from the name it is a cool way to have a picnic, I would describe it as a mystery room meets the picnic. You select the adventure that fits your need and the company sends over a location to start and through your phone, they start sending over clues you and your plus one (Or group) need to solve to find the first spot you need to stop to pick up an item to add to your basket to build the picnic. The fun thing is these clues take you to amazing businesses where you pick up your goods, but can also do some shopping at these local shops.  

I did Halfmoon Bay and it was a great adventure for my weekend and open my eyes to some amazing places I always want to try and just kept saying "Next time". The food was amazing and the clues were so much fun! Some of them were slightly taught, but they do give you clue and if you need the answer they do provide it. The funny thing was that I did meet many people who were also doing their Mystery Picnic and were enjoying their time. The best part is the food was so good and the Picnic location was amazing. Honestly will be doing this again, it was so much fun and best part is that you get so much out of the adventure

Check them out Here