When I first started thinking about the idea of creating my own blog. I  had endless amount of  ideas and plans for what I wanted to do with it. As I reflect on the couple of blog post that I have done. I  have notice that  I have not been keeping up my promise of writing more, and giving this blog an actual chance to make it what I want to be and what it can be.

What I learned in these last month of writing is that blogging is not easy. I found myself running out of those amazing ideas which I had when I first thought of creating my blog. There would be months were I posted nothing at all, or started writing something and just completely scrap the idea.

I am personally  writing this post as my way of setting new intentions I have for next couple of months.

1. Write! Just write even if  I don't think people will like or connect with the writing.
2. Plan out content.(Have an actual planner.)
3.Keep a believable schedule of posting.
4.Learn more about actually blogging and new techniques I can apply.
5. Most of all have fun doing it.

If you a blogger or someone who has some tips on keeping your intentions. Please let me know down below I love any tips or feedback.