Finally the day has come, after days and hours waiting in a virtual line to score tickets (Shout-out to my sister for waiting In line). We finally got to enjoy all the magic which the Museum of Ice Cream has to offer.

We started off our morning early by hitting the farmers market at the ferry building. Due to someone (Itzelt!!!) needing to do homework we got a chance of  speaking with vendors and got some amazing cheesecake to eat while looking out onto the bay bridge

After that we hit up Raw Sugar to have breakfast. It was good food at a great price, but I don’t know if I go back. Luckily, we did not have to wait in line and that was a big plus in my book. I feel like most brunch spots In San Francisco always have a line. I enjoyed the ‘Green Tea French Toast’ and some ice coffee in a fancy cup!

Then finally after our nice breakfast/lunch the moment we waited for came. Sadly we had to wait an hour before our time slot to enter the museum. Luckily the museum is located near Union Square and  the Westfield mall. Once it was time we go to experience we headed over to the museum.  The Museum of Ice Cream was an amazing experience there were some great photo opportunities and something creative at every turn, oh and who could forget the treats (ice cream, cotton candy and pop rocks!!!).  At times it seemed a little all over the place, but this could be due to the fact that the San Francisco branch just opened up. It seems like the people who work there are still getting used to how to best deal with the crowd. But overall totally worth going to, if you can get tickets.
If you're one of the lucky ones who already have tickets, I recommend not bring too much with you, since they don’t have a coat room and it is a little cramped at times during certain exhibits. And basically it a hassle of having to place your jacket and bag certain spot in order to achieve the right image. Also I highly recommend having lots patients because everyone want to take pictures and it can get a bit frustrating just know to enjoy the experience. Overall, it was a fun experience and got me some amazing images.